Things to Look for when Choosing a Marriage Counselor

A marriage counselor can help you tide over the conjugal problems and rediscover love. However, if you’re not sure how to find a good marriage counselor, you can determine that by asking her a few questions:
Rosalind Cardia
Education and experience

  • How much of your coursework was related to marriage counseling?
  • How long have you been a marriage counselor?
  • How much of your business is marriage counseling?
  • I think our problem is this…Have you treated a couple with a similar problem before?

Interest and competency

  • How do you sustain your interest in marriage counseling?
  • Are you planning to expand the focus of your practice?
  • What do you advise the couples that don’t improve with your treatments?
  • Do you ever recommend that couples separate or divorce?

The counselor you choose should be someone you are comfortable with. She should be easily available as well.

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