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Therapist in Cupertino, CA

Rosalind Cardia is a therapist of repute in Cupertino, CA, helping thousands of people every year. Riding on her years of experience and exception analytical ability, she helps people resolve a slew of problems rising from:

Rosalind Cardia


Relationship Issues

Parenting Problems

Emotional Distress


Career Issues

Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Significant Loss

Clinical Disorders

Rather than imposing on people what she thinks on their problems, she helps them to analyze their unique circumstances and find scope of self-improvement. Her approach to problem solving helps resolve issues that were considered hard to deal with by her clients. She has earned all her good name riding on successful therapy of clients over the years.

If you’re facing an issue in your life, it may help calling Rosalind Cardia and getting an appointment with her. She will patiently listen to you and then advise you on the possible solutions. No matter how grave situation you feel yourself in, she can help you with it.

Please Call 408-608-8007 or mail at ‘’ for appointments, costs or next meeting!


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