Rosalind Cardia therapist saratoga ca

Therapist In Saratoga, CA

For situational therapy or routine therapy, Rosalind Cardia can manage it all. Getting a third party perspective sheds light on any situation. With the help of Rosalind, you can find yourself growing as a person and starting to find your balance. If you have already decided to take the leap into therapy, let Rosalind ease you in with comfort and understanding.

Couples Therapist Saratoga CA

If you live in Saratoga or are looking for a therapist in the area, call Rosalind Cardia. She is committed to working with you and achieving your goals. Rosalind’s office is conveniently located near Saratoga so rest assured you are only a few minutes away from quality professional therapy when you need it.

As a licensed professional counselor, Rosalind is under federal law, strictly enforcing confidentiality with her patients. That is why it is important to feel comfortable expressing all sides of a situation in order for Rosalind to fully understand and determine the best route in order to confront a situation. For years Rosalind has provided professional therapy for hundred of clients. Join her team and meet with Rosalind today!

For more information or services please call 408-608-8007


Rosalind Cardia- therapist saratoga ca